Garage Door Repairs and Maintenance Services in Gilbert, AZ

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Some of the most common garage door problems include:
  • Garage door won't close all the way
  • Garage door reverses immediately after hitting floor
  • Garage door reverses before hitting floor
  • Garage door does not open completely
  • The garage door opens, but the motor won't stop running
  • The garage door won't open or close with remote control.
If any of this sounds familiar, the underlying cause may be something very simple. Give us a call and let one of our service professionals take a look at no charge!
Magnum Garage Doors offers a wide range of garage door service and repair:
  • Broken Springs - ALL Types
  • Garage Door Motors
  • Transmitters
  • Keyless Entry Systems/Automatic Openers
  • Doors Stuck or Jammed
  • NEW Doors - Wood, Steel
  • Roll-Up Doors
  • Sectional Doors
  • Squeaky Doors
  • Cables - Snapped, Tangled, or Thrown Receivers
Springs are the most common repair for a garage door. Springs come in different lengths, wire sizes, and internal diameter. These three factors add up to what is called the IPPT ( Inch Pounds Per Turn ). IPPT's are calculated to lift a door that has a specific weight, which is why we stock enough different springs to balance all of the main doors on the market. A door with a broken spring will not open as once the spring, that counterbalances the door, has broken the door is essentially dead weight. When the spring has been replaced, the door should be well balanced. A well balanced door will give you years of reliable use while decreasing wear on the motor used to open and close the garage.
Springs come in different sizes and styles. The most common spring used today is a torsion spring as seen above. Other styles include extension springs and Torque Tubes. Extension springs are more common on single piece doors and older DIY door bought from "Big Box" stores such as Home Depot and Lowes. Most manufactures no longer use these springs as they are less safe than the standard torsion system used today.
Torque Master Springs are another style of spring system made by Wayne Dalton. With these systems, the springs are contained internally within a tube. The give a clean look above the door. These springs are proprietary to doors made by Wayne Dalton only and are available for all of their most common models. These systems require a customer make sure safety stop functions on the motor are set properly in order to not damage the door when the springs break as it is impossible to see a broken spring contained within the tube.
BASIC STEEL PAN DOORS: Basic doors are roll formed pan steel that come in a couple different thicknesses. They main thickness' used are 25 and 24 Gauge doors. The main manufactures; First UDT, Amarr, Clopay, and Wayne Dalton. They are built as a steel shell with support braces placed throughout for the attachment of hinges. Below the brochures for these doors. The manufactures stamp patterns "looks" vary between the brands so we try to match the existing style of each home.
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Insulated Pan Steel Doors:
One step up from the Pan door is an insulated pan door. Construction methods are the same a the Pan door save the addition of vinyl backed insulation. These doors tend to run a bit smoother than their non-insulated counterparts as the insulation prevents panel flex. The insulation can also slow the radiation of heat into a garage during the summer.
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Triple Layer Steel Doors:
Triple layer steel doors are the best doors on the market today. They are built with the standard steel front, insulation, and a steel backing. This steel backing offers extra rigidity preventing panel flex over time. These doors are typically the smoothest running and quietest doors on the market and they are built to last a lifetime.
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Carriage House Doors:
Carriage style doors are for those who seek the barn door look from their garage. These doors are the highest class of doors usually build over a commercial grade steel door with insulation. Along with being strong doors, they give good looks with minimal maintenance.
As these doors are all custom built, they are more expensive than traditional pan and 3 layer doors.
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Wood Overlay Doors:
Wood overlay doors are the most expensive doors on the market today. They use a commercial base door with insulation. The wood overlay is then built on the front of the door. These doors are very strong as well as heavy. They require more maintenance than steel doors as the wood needs to be treated regularly to prevent wear. These doors usually require a special motor to run the door that is built stronger than standard motors. They can be built in any design you can imagine and are quoted as one off builds.

Garage Door Openers

Motors come in different makes and models. Here are the ones we like the most!
LiftMaster 8365:
The 8365 is a good quality entry level unit for your garage door. It utilizes a chain drive with a 1/2 hp motor core. The auto force setting feature will ensure that your operator runs safely every time.
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LiftMaster 8355:
The 8355 is the next level of motor offered. This motor offers the same 1/2 hp core with upgraded rubber dampers as well as a belt drive. This unit is a quiet unit that runs well for many years. The rubber damping system reduces stress on the moving parts increasing the lifespan.
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LiftMaster 8550w:
Called the ELITE model, this unit features the 3/4 hp DC motor core with a belt drive, making the 8550w the quietest of all the motors offered. With a longer warranty, you can be worry free for many years.

This unit also comes from factory with a battery back up so you need not worry about getting into your garage if you loose power.

Another complimentary feature is the WiFi capability, allowing you to operate the door from anywhere in the world from your phone. The app is free with no annual or initial charge.
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LiftMaster 8500:
If you do not like the look of a motor hanging from the middle of your garage there is an option for you. The 8500 is called a RJO ( Residential Jackshaft Opener) which mounts to the side of your door on the torsion shaft. The torsion shaft is the part above the door on which the spring resides.

These motors come with light kits that mount to the ceiling as well as an automatic dead bolt to secure the door when in the down position.
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Transmitters come in different shapes and sizes. Some are Universal and can program to many makes or models. Some are proprietary, meaning they only work on the model series of the operator installed.
Proprietary Remotes:
As Indicated, these remotes only work on the models that they are designed to work. Pictured above are three examples. The first, LiftMaster, is an 893LM which will operate all of the 8XXX series model of LiftMaster openers. It will not work on older 3XXX and 2XXX series LiftMaster Models as they are different frequencies and code sets.

The next is a Genie Remote that can operate only Genie Motors and the third is a Linear remote that does the same for it's models. These remotes are not interchangeable between manufactures. Instructions can be found on the Manuals Page
Universal Remotes:
These remotes are similar to universal remotes for televisions. They are capable of programming to many different makes and models. This remote, for example, a 375UT is capable of programming to LiftMasters, Chamberlain, Craftsman, Genie, and Linear motors.

They are two button remotes in order to run two separate garage doors. We find that these remotes are the most reliable and easiest solution to any garage door remote need. Instruction manuals can be found on the Manuals Page.

Keyless Entry Systems

Keyless Entry:
Keypads are an effective way to gain entry into at garage without having to carry a remote. Transmitter come in both universal (left) and proprietary (right). We carry both styles of keypads. Please note that proprietary keypad can program to more than one motor where as universals program only to one motor at a time. Instructions can be found on the Manuals Page.

Circuit Board and Receivers

Circuit Boards are the controller for your motor. Often times, they will fail due to the heat in the Phoenix area. The most common failure happens when the receiver in the board stop functioning. At this point, all of the programmed remotes will stop working at once. Something to take into consideration when deciding whether to replace the circuit board or the entire unit would be the age of the operator. If the operator is more than 15 years old, it is advisable to replace the entire unit due to other potential failures such as the motor core. When a unit is less than 15 years old, a new board is a solid fix for remotes not functioning issues. Most makes and models still offer circuit board replacements for all units save a few, such as Wayne Dalton and Quantum motors. If you have any questions or suspect circuit board failure, give us a call at 480-416-1903 for a free diagnostic inspection and estimate.

Sprung Garage Doors

Sprung Garage Doors are not the end of the world! A garage door that has come out of the track is what we call a sprung door. This issue can have various causes so it is important to find the reason in order to prevent the issue from coming back. Doors that have been hit by cars are a common reason for the door to release from the track. Usually this can be repaired with new hardware to replace the broken or new panels depending on the make and manufacture of the door. Other times, a sprung door can be caused from the door being in poor running condition. As doors get older, the parts that ensure the proper running, start to wear. As these parts are no longer performing up to spec, the door can throw a cable. A thrown cable is when the door, while in the up position, looses spring tension. The lack of tension allows the cable on either side of the door to come off of the drum. Once this happens, the door is impossible to shut as on side of the door will lower faster than the other causing the door to fall out of track. As you can see in the picture to the right, the cable has lost its' perch on the drum, leading to the door no longer having an effective counterbalance on one side. The good news is that this issue is typically a fairly easy fix. When the door is put down, it is possible to re-seat the cable back on to the drum and level the door back out. A common cause, loose springs, can let the cable throw itself off when the door is up. The spring can be adjusted to remove that slack and prevent further issues. If the spring is too old, replacement may be advisable. Once the issue with the drum assembly is fixed, the door will be back up to running in no time. On occasion, the sprung door may damage the panels and the track assembly. If this has happened, please consider replacing or re-enforcing the panels as they may be prone to failure. A door that has come out of track is not always broken for good. With the expertise of a trained professional, the door can be re-assembled in good working order in the same visit. Sometimes it is fairly quick, sometimes the door will need to be carefully removed and re-installed. Please do not attempt a sprung door repair on your own as there are aspects that can be dangerous when dealing with a few hundred pounds of dead weight dangling by a few rollers. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us out for a free estimate on repair.